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  • America: Free Labor or Slavery

    America: Free Labor or Slavery0

    The English colonists had a long tradition of physical rebellion against the laws and policies of America which they did not like on major occasions. The English colonists who were later portrayed as the Americans had a quintessential series of fights against the natives; however, after taking control of the region they had a continuous

  • The Violence Through the Video Games

    The Violence Through the Video Games0

    Violence in the individual’s behavior has been a point of concern for ages; however, the current era of globalization where people are connected to each other through technology makes such behaviors more noticeable worldwide. The violent behavior in children, including teenagers, is increasing, and there have been debates that if such aggressive behavior is triggered

  • How to Stop Worrying and Start Living?

    How to Stop Worrying and Start Living?0

    Dale Carnegie has emphasized the outcomes of “Worry” as this habit has been responsible for many diseases such as stomach ulcers, depression, anxiety, blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks, cancer, or any other disease aggravated by this one disease of worry.