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  • The Violence Through the Video Games

    The Violence Through the Video Games0

    Violence in the individual’s behavior has been a point of concern for ages; however, the current era of globalization where people are connected to each other through technology makes such behaviors more noticeable worldwide. The violent behavior in children, including teenagers, is increasing, and there have been debates that if such aggressive behavior is triggered

  • Preventing Bullying

    Preventing Bullying0

    Understanding the Bullying: Understating bullying as a social phenomenon is the first step to preventing bullying, causing significant damage to an individual’s personality. It is a more societal problem than a personal issue and needs to be addressed accordingly; thus, its damages can be mitigated. Before highlighting the measures to be taken to prevent bullying,

  • Just for Today

    Just for Today0

    “Our life is what our thoughts make it” are the magic eight words to battle worry and solve our problems as summed up by the great Roman Ruler and Philosopher, Marcus Aurelius. The magic eight words are taken from the personal diary of Marcus Aurelius published as one of the best books on personal development

  • Modern Slavery

    Modern Slavery0

    The most prevalent case of modern slavery can be well identified in the Thai fishing industry based on the forced labor through exploitation. The UK, USA, and Europe’s supermarkets have been the biggest market for Thailand’s Seafood industry, while the UK is consuming around 7% of total prawns exports from Thailand.

  • 5 Movies Every Entrepreneur Must Watch

    5 Movies Every Entrepreneur Must Watch0

    Chris was homeless with his son for almost a year while working six months on an unpaid internship as a stockbroker. However, his self-belief and consistent hard work pays well in the end as Chris was offered a permanent job as a stockbroker that allowed him to establish his own multimillionaire brokerage years later.