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  • America: New World Order

    America: New World Order0

    After the successful voyages of Columbus, Spain authorized “Rodrigo de Bastides” to explore America’s undiscovered land. With European trinkets’ trade in exchange for gold, pearls, and other indigenous items, Bastides also bought Native American slaves. Later, valuable goods and trade items were not freely posseted by the natives resulting in violence and slavery, ensuring the high demand for slaves as marketable goods.

  • Who Built America

    Who Built America0

    Racism enlarged as African Americans and the Chinese railroad workers were the victims of such hatred towards industrialists or business magnates. The business magnates were not concerned about the American population; indeed, they had their significant interests to control the masses by providing them poor working conditions.

  • America: Free Labor or Slavery

    America: Free Labor or Slavery0

    The English colonists had a long tradition of physical rebellion against the laws and policies of America which they did not like on major occasions. The English colonists who were later portrayed as the Americans had a quintessential series of fights against the natives; however, after taking control of the region they had a continuous

  • Capitalism: A Costly Trade of Slavery

    Capitalism: A Costly Trade of Slavery0

    Dilorenzo explains that capitalism leads to enhanced workplace security and yield, and increased wages. Moreover, it provides more time to relax and good quality goods and products at economical prices.